Our Story

Stashe is a New York ethical fashion store that carries clothing and accessories pieces handcrafted by emerging independent artisans from Eastern Europe. Stashe will provide you with timeless designs to spice up your everyday outfits, while still maintaining an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

At Stashe, we specialize in sustainable and unforgettable pieces for the modern woman who wants to look different. By buying our handcrafted products, you will be getting one-of-a-kind pieces you love while also feeling empowered by your purchase. Our clothing and accessories pieces are produced from sustainable and organic materials while not sacrifying the quality - our products will last for many years in your wardrobe.

Our Brands

Exclusive stories about the brands that shape Stashe

  • Koss Koss

    Founded by Alexandra Pustyreva, ‘Koss Koss’ is a brand focused on unique garments from upcycled vintage tapestries. Creating unique one-off corset tops, belts, and jackets, Alexandra pays much attention to details and comfort. Our corset tops have adjustable shoulder straps and wide ribbons for additional support and functionality. Alexandra has traveled across Eastern Europe searching for vintage tapestries in a good condition. Each garment produced by Koss Koss is unique and one-of-a-kind.

  • 11.dayp

    Maru is a designer from Eastern Europe who has been creating head accessories that are both unique and modern. Her designs pay homage to traditional motives in an innovative way, incorporating sustainable materials like eco-leather and the piercing details on each headband.

  • Usta k Perstam

    The founder of 'Usta k Perstam' project, Snezhana carefully crafts gloves from delicate Italian tulle with handmade beads embroidery.

  • Djozefinna Embroidery

    After learning to embroider as a child, Djozefinna managed to find a way to make emroidery modern again. Her work is the perfect midpoint of hypebeast fashion and wellness chic, beverly hills inspired motives and shrimps onto handmade satin purses.

Our Founder

Anastasia Shevchenko

Stashe was founded by Anastasia Shevchenko, looking to make a tangible difference in the fashion industry.

Stashe is a female-owned e-commerce platform dedicated to the people and the planet.

After working for a big corporation for many years, Anastasia realized the harm that many companies make to the environment and has always wanted to make a difference within a fashion industry by supporting small independent designers and promoting sustainability.


Stashe is a slow fashion brand focused on supporting and promoting small independent artisans that produce handmade clothing and accessories. We care about fabrics and materials that are used to produced our garments.

We use upcycled vintage tapestries to create our corset tops, corset belts, and jackets.
The tapestries are purchased from the auctions or from individuals all across Europe.

For our Koko headband collection we use high quality eco-leather that will last for many seasons; our gloves collection is produced from organic materails (tulle).

At Stashe, we carry timeless one-of-a-kind garmnets that are carefully designed and delicately produced. Thank you for joining the future of sustainable fashion with Stashe!

Shop Collection

June 2022

Stashe in Press

West Village story is a journey through New York City's most famous bohemian neighborhood with our main character.

She is the free-spirited, beautiful woman who styles her favorite upcycled vintage tapestry corset tops with her everyday wardrobe and hits West village on her way to work, school, and brunch party with her friends.

Like Carrie Bradshaw she finds all that life offers in this little section of New York City while expressing her own personality through her style. She's made her choices towards sustainable and slow fashion by supporting small independent designers and proudly wears corsets tops handcrafted from upcycled textiles.